PXiSE Utilizes Untapped High-speed Data and Insights Plus Intelligent Algorithms To Maximize Efficiency And Reliability Of All DERs As One System

Reduces Cost

PXiSE’s Active Control Technology (ACT) is a software-based solution  that can scale easily and quickly to reduce cost. Its superior control capabilities offer lower capital and operation cost opportunities.

Reduces Risk

PXiSE’s multi-level precision and fast control design provides flexibility and adaptability to ensure performance as system and market changes.

Increases Revenue

PXiSE’s ACT can increase revenue by improving capacity factors, PPA value proposition through frequency regulation, renewables firming and only two weeks to commission.

Enhances Performance of DER's

PXiSE’s superior DERMS solution can integrate and precisely orchestrate the use of DERs of all types and sizes in order to optimize the economic and reliability objectives as a system.



Fast configurable software implementation. Precision and high-speed control at up to 60 times per second to maximize DER utilization.

Operational Compliance

Uses proven OSIsoft PI data platform and designed to meet IEEE 2030 Microgrid and DERMS standards.


Mitigate sudden supply and demand changes and unplanned grid disturbances.

Maximum Efficiency

Effective hybridization and utilization of DERs of all types and sizes minimize infrastructure and energy costs.

Improving Grid Efficiency

PXiSE’s ACT is designed to improve the efficiency and efficacy of traditional grids and operate low-inertia modern grids. By providing enhanced real-time power control, grid operators have more options to lower renewable integration and operating costs.

Supporting Reliability

PXiSE’s ACT addresses grid intermittency and congestion. By enabling more precise control, electricity from solar and wind can be managed and delivered without interruptions traditionally caused by unforeseen conditions thereby reducing power-generation curtailments.

Managing Multiple Energy Sources Beyond Traditional DERMS

PXiSE’s ACT can operate any mix of DERs without a limit on renewables. The comprehensive design of ACT can manage a large and dynamic collection of aggregated DERs, virtual power plants and microgrids as a system.