PXiSE offers grid solutions
not possible before

PXiSE’s Advanced Control Technology (ACT) can achieve electric system objectives in the most precise and efficient way possible and improves grid reliability, control and choice

New Data

PXiSE’s ACT utilizes real-time synchrophasor data input with feedback control, combined with a dynamic, predictive model of the grid.

New Capabilities

PXiSE’s ACT implements fast, precise, and de-coupled control of real and reactive power on individual smart inverters at 60 Hz to provide frequency and voltage control.

New Insights

PXiSE’s ACT applies real-time data analytics to power systems combined with user economic and functional objectives to balance and optimize power generation on the grid.

Speed + Precision + Coordination

The combination of PXiSE’s ACT proprietary & patented
key differentiated capabilities offer grid solutions not possible before
PXiSE’s ACT key differentiated capabilities
  1. High-speed grid visibility and control enabled by phasor measurement unit (PMU) sampling at 60 times/sec.
  2. Precise set point target attainment of real & reactive power through continuously self-adjusting closed-loop control accounting for system dynamics in real-time
  3. Time synchronized coordination and control of multiple energy resources
Traditional electric control limitations
  1. 200x slower grid visibility and dispatch commands using legacy SCADA systems
  2. Reactive open-loop “droop” control that doesn’t adjust for changing system dynamics yielding inexact real power dispatch commands
  3. Uncoordinated reactive dispatch commands to energy resources

Integrated Software Solution

PXiSE’s ACT is an integrated software solution that uses a proven data platform