Microgrids and Islands

Microgrids and Islands


  • Open new markets: Simplifying microgrid design allows microgrids to grow at scale
  • Leverage assets to expand revenue options: PXiSE-enabled multi-objective value stacking of battery system enables participation in ancillary service market
  • Increase system optionality: Modular, scalable solution allowing simple expansions and/or reconfigurations as policies and markets evolve


  • Reduce fuel costs: Remove technical limitations that prevent reliable operation of microgrid with renewable energy
  • Minimize energy bill: Maximize time of use (TOU) and demand charge savings
  • Reduce capex: Right-sizing energy resources; increase asset utilization; decreases system design & engineering costs; less required electric hardware; displace legacy SCADA system
  • Reduce opex: Allow fossil fuel generation to run at optimal heat rates; decrease battery degradation by optimizing battery depth of discharge


  • Optimum system reliability: Disturbance mitigation; voltage, frequency, reactive power all actively managed to ensure power quality
  • Energy surety: Seamless islanding; can operate islanded microgrid with equal or better power quality & reliability than a grid connected system
  • Addresses policy & market risks: No upgrades needed, already built for the power grid of the future