Utility Scale Renewables

Utility Scale Renewables


  • Interconnection agreements: PXiSE’s ability to create a more advantageous renewable generation profile makes interconnection agreements easier to obtain in renewable rich locations with grid stability issues (West Texas, Hawaii, U.S. Southwest)
  • Increase revenue from generation¬†assets: Improve capacity factors by reducing curtailment; improve PPA value proposition through frequency regulation, renewables firming, ramp control
  • System optionality: Modular, scalable solution allows for simple expansions and/or reconfigurations as policies and markets evolve


  • Reduce capex: Right-sizing energy resources; increase asset utilization; decrease system design & engineering costs;¬†reduce electric hardware requirements; displace legacy SCADA system
  • Reduce opex: Decrease battery degradation by optimizing battery depth of discharge


  • Address policy & market risks: Already built for the power grid of the future; advanced frequency and voltage controls can meet operational compliance requirements under any future electric grid scenario