Control is The Core of Our Technology

PXiSE Active Control Technology (ACT) delivers real-time controls to automatically and autonomously optimize grid operations.

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Enabling a smooth transition to a renewable grid

The grid is evolving. Let PXiSE remove the complications of transitioning to a renewable grid. Every solution is faster than you can imagine, scalable to grow with your demands, flexible to meet all energy resource configurations, and reliable to deliver unwavering performance. Whether you start with a microgrid or seek a full DERMS solution, we are here for you every step of the way.

How do you combine thousands of DERs? With DERMS

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Meet your system and customer’s electricity demands by deploying a Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) to integrate and manage all utility and customer DERs. Our DERMS solution is deployed with your existing assets and scales to meet your future demands. Get a real-time, 30,000 foot view with microscopic visibility and precise controls. Engage your customers with a comprehensive DERMS approach today.

Microgrid Controller

Cost savings, infrastructure reduction, resilience in natural disasters – no wonder microgrids are the fastest growing trend in the energy industry. PXiSE Microgrid Controls solutions tie all the pieces together to maximize the benefits for you.

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Renewable Power Plant Control

One controller for solar, wind, and storage is all you need. This integrated SCADA and Renewable Power Plant Control solution is equipped with real-time controls and economic optimization for any renewable power plant.

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